FRHSD Audit Comes Back With One Suggestion

The auditing company hired by the district came back with one suggestion, and several good comments.

A private company has finished the audit of the , and suggested only one thing be corrected before the next audit.

Public accountants Suplee, Clooney & Company suggested the district review any outstanding checks from the last year, and determine whether the checks have not been cashed for a reason and shoould be re-issued or canceled.

Bob Swisher, an auditor for the company, presented the findings at last night's special Board of Education meeting. He said the checks are something his company feels have not been looked at in a while, and there is not an unusual volume or amount of them, but the district should review the checks before they pile up.

District Business Administrator Sean Boyce said going through an extensive audit process allows the district to learn, grow, and progress in the future.

"[The audit] brings perspective to the table," Boyce said.

With only one suggestion from the company compared to the four suggestions that came from last year's audit, the audit was favorable for the district. The company reported that all four findings from last year have been corrected by the district.

Swisher said it is impressive that the district has managed to create an emergency fund as well as maintain surplus in its budget.

"I think that is very important in this day and age," he said.

Swisher also commended the district on its transparency, noting that many of the 29 other districts his company works with do not supply all of the necessary paperwork up front. Swisher said FRHSD is the only district that provided all documents.

"That gives us the time to actually do the auditing, which is very commendable," Swisher said.

George Hartigan December 14, 2011 at 10:39 PM
Way to go FRHSD! It’s good to know that the board is on top of it's financial controls and procedures. This is a great story for the district and hopefully will help the board move on from past issues. All the board contributes and Heshy is a true leader, just like he was on the soccer field for many, many years. Note that plenty of people want to slam the board over controversial issues, but when something like this happens they remain silent. Very sad if you ask me.


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