FRHSD: Simon's Statement of Evidence is an 'Inflammatory Attack'

Simon's attorney has responded saying that nothing in Simon's statement is false.

The issued a press release on Friday in reference to Manalapan High School suspended principal Jeff Simon's statement of position and evidence. Simon issued the 38-page statement in response to the and the 13 correlating affidavits.

The press release alleges that Simon has been circulating his "highly-inflammatory" statement. "Many of the comments and allegations are highly inappropriate and wrongly impugn the credibility of employees in good standing," the release said. "The allegations of misconduct contained in this inflammatory attack do not represent the factual account of events at .  Based on the facts, the Administration and the Board acted appropriately and followed all tenets of the law in allowing the Commissioner of Education to hear and evaluate the situation."

Simon's attorney, Stuart Moskovitz, immediately sent a statement to Patch in respsone to this release. Moskovitz is adamant that nothing in Simon's statement is false.

Moskovitz's full statement:

"Not one word of Mr. Simon's certification is untrue. Not a single word. Had the District truly wished to 'take the necessary steps to preserve and protect the integrity of this institution'as they claim in their press release, they would not have maliciously impugned the character and reputation of a highly respected principal with not a shred of evidence other than the bald statements of those with an improper ax to grind, they would have taken action against those who in fact have perpetrated misdeeds at taxpayers expense, they would not have insisted on voting to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on this witch hunt prior to hearing the public, knowing hundreds of people were in the auditorium waiting to be heard on the matter, they wouldn't have chosen to cavalierly jeopardize the admissions to the colleges of their choice of dozens of students who deserve better from their school district, and they wouldn't do all of this at the direction of a law firm they had removed as Board counsel due to bad advice, poor judgment and questionable billing in the past"

Claudine Scozzari March 26, 2012 at 03:50 PM
As Lizzy stated, Verona didn't place the case in the federal courts with an Administrative Law judge. The AG's office in NJ is really bad as of late. I am someone who has had case law in the court with AG's office, since 1997-1998 through professional services contract billing, and the AG's office in a court of law had no recollection of it. Can I put in a special request to the journalism staff at the Patch to keep the regional community informed of the progress, if and when there is? I agree - Good luck Freehold!
Lizzy April 03, 2012 at 11:38 AM
Ummmm... John Q- just like Verona , spend taxpayers dollars to let the court decide.
Claudine Scozzari April 03, 2012 at 11:44 AM
And, the courts don't care how many tax dollars they spend. The new superintendent can legally separate the employment suit from the Freehold Regional District; however, with any case there may be legal similarities. The "Tax Payers" are going to reap the benefits of this case by their empty wallets from all the money it is going to cost the regional community.
Lizzy April 04, 2012 at 06:59 PM
what do you call someone who does not appreciate anyone who may be smarter or possess more knowledge than they do ( including life experience). If it looks like age bias and sounds like age bias then it must be age bias!
Claudine Scozzari April 04, 2012 at 08:42 PM
Lizzy, That is such a loaded comment! You are never old enough! And then, you are now too old! You really cared about what I have experienced. This is my life! And, if you don't like the way I react to LIFE, then TOO BAD.


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