Last Chance: Run for the Board of Ed in Freehold

June 5 is the deadline to file for candidacy for the November election.

Let's say you're concerned about the services your special needs child is receiving at school. Maybe you think testing scores for your district should be higher. Perhaps the school portion of your tax bill just seems out of whack to you. Or there's the possibility that you think the education your older child is receiving is top notch and you hope that that level of excellence continues for your younger kids.

If any of these notions resonates with you, perhaps you'd like to consider running for your town's school board, but you need to bust a move because the deadline for filing is Tuesday, June 5.

In Freehold Borough, there are (3) three-year seats and (1) one-year unexpired term open, according to business administrator Patrick DeGeorge. Ron Reich, Dr. Michael Lichardi and Maureen MacCutcheon currently hold the three-year seats and Susan Greitz holds the one-year term.

“Serving on a school board is a challenging and rewarding form of public service,” said John Bulina, New Jersey School Boards Association president. “It certainly is one way to make a profound impact on your community.”

School board seats in 468 of New Jersey’s school districts will be on the ballot Nov. 6, the date of the General Election. For November school elections, the candidate’s nominating petition – the document that places their name on the ballot – must be submitted to the county clerk, not the local board of education office.


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