More Freehold Students Named to Dean’s List

A list of students that have been named to the Dean’s List at their colleges and universities.

Here is a list of former Freehold students who have maintained academic excellence during the Fall 2012 semester.

Quinnipiac University

  • Elise Maguire
  • Nicole Sparapani

Drew University

  • Theodore Kirsch

Tarleton State University

  • Jonathan Petz

Roger Williams University

  • Joseph Bergin

University of Scranton

  • Kristen Frost
  • Danielle Piccolini
  • Jessica Sciscione

Delaware Valley College

  • Nicole Romanzi
  • Katelyn Haggar

The Delaware College of Art and Design

  • Victor Cortes
  • Dulce Romero-Avila (Dean’s List with Distinction)

The College of New Jersey

  • Alexandra Boncimino
  •  Kristen Musolino
  • Brianna O'Connor
  • Olivia Whalen
  • Amy Wilson
  • Thomas Mullens
  • Joshua Lewkowicz
  • Nicole Cinman
  • Michael Ippolito
  • Maxwell Strauss
  • Noelle Borchardt
  • Michelle Johnston
  • Nicole Auditore
  • Christina Codispoti
  • Zachary Gall
  • Elizabeth Healton
  • Aqeela Naqvi
  • James Somma
  • Benjamin Levine
  • Kaeli Lobokluge
  • Noelle Skrobola
  • Joni DeFilippo
  • Jamie Sheehan
  • Emily Tully
  • Nicole Haas
  • Megan Quinn
  • Christine DeZerga
  • James Faith
  • Matthew Iannelli
  • Margaret Allen
  • Karlie Korz
  • Christina Zarnowski
  • Amanda Costanzo
  •  Dennis DeBernardis
  • Tahera Naaz
  • Jeffery Kurczeski
  • Kevin Smokowski
  • Margaret Cacace,

University of Rhode Island

  • Shannon Nicole Modri
  • Samantha Santore

James Madison University

  • Carissa Patti
  • Sarah Posen

Fairfield University

  • Katelyn Linney,
  • Katherine Ritchie

University of Hartford

  • Karen Brzostowski
  • Emily Cuprys
  • Erica Handel

Monmouth University

  • Elizabeth White

The University of Vermont

  • Kelly A. Samaris

Ithaca College

  • Mia O'Brien

Fairleigh Dickinson University

  • Jimmy Santiago
  • Francesca Yaccarine
  • Brittany Grayzel
  • Brianna Kane
  • Sebastian Lorefice
  • Brianna White

Springfield College

  • Devin Polhemus

Elmira College

  • Emily Karpinski

Mount Ida College

  • Sarah Berkowitz

Widener Law

  • James Kilduff

In addition to this group of students, last month, another group of students was recognized for making the 2012 Fall Dean’s List at their school. The names in this article were provided by the announcement section of Freehold Patch, emailed to Local Editor Alli Mechanic at allison.mechanic@patch.com or were emailed through readMedia Newswire.

If you know of a former Freehold student who has been named to their college’s Dean’s List, mention their name in the comment section below.

Jane Healton February 15, 2013 at 06:32 PM
Congratulations on the hard work that has paid off to them all. My own daughter is on that list for the last time, she's just completed her 9th term on the Dean's List. Now she's into the harder part, finding work.
Geraldine Yaccarine February 16, 2013 at 12:53 AM
I must echo that myself, Congratulation to my daughter for all her hard work. Making the Dean list for each semester in 4 years isn't easy playing a Division 1 sport. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger xo
Geraldine Yaccarine February 16, 2013 at 12:54 AM
thank you for letting me know that my daughter was mentioned


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