Park Avenue Elementary Evacuated Thursday After Threat Was Found

The students were moved to another location after a written threat was discovered.

were called to today after a written threat was found.

Students were evacuated to a safe location, , where they waited for two hours until the premise was determined safe.

Patrick DeGeorge, Freehold Borough Business Administrator confirmed that threat was a written note but was unable to discuss any other details of the threat.

Students are now back in Park Avenue Elementary and will continue with the regular school schedule. Parents were notified about the threat through the school’s messaging system.

DeGeorge also confirmed that the Police are looking into this threat to see if it has any connection to the recent bomb threats at and .

Marc LeVine February 02, 2012 at 06:37 PM
You have to wonder what kind of person/people would create a threatening circumstance for school children. To me, this is a form of child abuse that causes unneccesary fear in children - it is potentially damaging to them. It certainly emotionally burdens their parents, who sent their children off to school this morning for education and not psychological trauma. It's worth editorializing here for the benefit of anyone, who even remotely thinks a bomb threat is "funny" and is not harmful to a child's emotional well-being. Know that thios is sick behavior that demands professonal help, if not simply a long period of incarceration. This is a new low we can't accept. Whatever the penalty is for those caught making such terroristic threats, it needs to be increased by many folds. The Columbine experience changed our world forever and there is no way we can ever allow our schools not to be safe for our children and their teachers (and administrators).
vanessa glovich February 03, 2012 at 08:07 PM
Although it is disgusting for a person to even threaten young children, I will say the school did an excellent job at keeping the kids "in the dark" about what was going on. My son, who is in the 2nd gtade, thought it was no more than a big fire drill. I picked him up at the church and it was very calm and orderly there. If this "being" was looking for any type of panic, it was not received.


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