Q&A with Freehold Borough Board of Education Candidate Susan Greitz

The following article is from a Q&A email interview with Susan Greitz.

Question: What is your profession and professional title?

Answer: I've worked for Allen Consulting in Holmdel for the past six years as a Public Relations & Event Manager.

Question: How long have you been a Freehold resident?

Answer: I've lived in Freehold for 13 years.

Question:Why do you want to be a member of the BOE?

Answer: I have been actively involved in the district since my son started school there. I was part of the contingent of parents and educators that went to Trenton several years ago to demand more money for the district. I have held several PTO board positions and successfully chaired the annual basket raffle for three years. I volunteered on one of the district's Strategic Planning committees and on the BOE's Funding and Finance committee. In December of 2011 I was appointed to fill a vacant seat on the BOE. Since my appointment, I am sitting on the committe to select and implement the new teacher evaluation in our district, and we are also in the midst of hiring a new Superintendent. Being on the BOE is a way for me to continue my involvement with the district at a higher level and help to continue improving our schools.

Question: What strengths would you bring to the BOE?

Answer: I have a degree in Marketing from New York University and have been employed in marketing/advertising/public relations for the past 20 years. I believe my business background gives me a broader and more analytical perspective. I also try to take a fair and balanced approach to issues before making decisions.

Question: What do you consider to be important issues in the school district? Answer: We are in the process of hiring a new Superintendent, a vitally important position for the district. Other issues we face include closing the student achievement gap, facility crowding, lack of funding.

Question: What is something you would like to see happen while you are on the board?

Answer: I would like the state to fund our district at the correct level, and I would like to expand our buildings to fit our needs but I don't think either of those things is likely to happen in the near future. I would like to explore the expansion of our agreement with the Township schools for use of space; their space needs having been dropping as ours have been increasing and I think this is a perfect example of shared services. I would also like to see the implementation of the state's Regional Achievement Centers help our district close the achievement gap for our under-performing student populations and for the district to be removed from the Focus school list.

Question: Where would you like to see the BOE in a year from now?  

Answer: I would like to see the BOE working closely with the new Superintendent and new Business Administrator toward implementation of the strategic plan and dispelling the negative perceptions that people have of our district.

Question: Why do you think people should vote for you?

Answer: I think people should vote for me because I am passionate about improving the quality of our schools and the public's perception of them, but as a taxpayer, I know that we need to accomplish this while holding the line on tax increases.


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