Rosetta Stone Severely Cut Back For Upcoming School Year

World Language teachers hired for 2012-13 year

Rosetta Stone is dead. Long live Rosetta Stone.

The for the district's four elementary schools under the direction of former Curricululm Director Marianne Gaffney, has been all but scrapped for the upcoming school year, according to the Board of Education.

The World Language program has been restructured and teachers have been hired to be in classrooms this coming year, Board members said.

Board member Laurie Cannon, head of the panel's Curriculum Committee, reported last week that the computer program that caused a parental uproar when it was implemented last year will be used only for the district's English as a Second Language students, where it has been successful, Cannon said.

"We are not currently seeing a need for the Rosetta Stone licenses for all students at the elementary level of instruction,'' Cannon said.

The district will renew at least 70 licenses for the computer program for the upcoming year, at a cost of about $6,000, Cannon said.

The number of licenses is down from 1,848 that the district bought last year. . The district last year also estimated they would spend an additional $30,000 on headphones to administer the program — a pair for every student and teacher in the elementary system.

There was no word at the meeting on what would become of the headphones.

When Gaffney pitched the program last year, about a month before she left the district, more than a dozen parents criticized the plan as shortsighted. Among them was Katherine Wojciehowski, who has been a persistent and vocal opponent to Rosetta Stone.

"'I think we're just getting better and better news here every time I come to a meeting,'' Wojciehowski, of Wedgewood Road, said. "As I understand, it is being used purely as a supplement for live, certified ESL teachers. It can be a valid use of that.''

Maureen Fitzgerald August 21, 2012 at 01:56 PM
I was excited when my granddaughter was going to begin to learn a second language (Italian) last year. She's a bright girl, and I was surprised at how little she learned and how much she disliked it. She said it was a waste of time! And this from a 9 year old. Could have hired another teacher to actually interact with the students and ... teach.
Allenwoodie August 21, 2012 at 03:22 PM
ThankfuLly the BOE recognized the mistake that was made and is working to correct the problem. Our kids did lose 2 years of world language (one year of Rosetta and one year before without adequate teaching). Let's hope they can make up for 2 years lost time!
jerseyswamps August 22, 2012 at 08:11 AM
I admit I did not follow this story. But Roesetta Stone is a wildly successful way to learn a second language. How come it couldn't work with Wall kids? Why is hiring new teachers a better option? Are the critics of the program fans of NJEA?
B.S. September 02, 2012 at 04:08 PM
They were most likely getting a kick back of some kind. Praise the lord these powerful administrators are gone. Dare anyone speak out against any administrator, teacher, BOE member. You will be ostracized. Ridiculous that you can't even speak up or have an opinion or a different idea or philosophy. I can only hope that Mr. Daniel Simon will take on a couple other administrators that need to go.
B.S. September 02, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Unfortunately, some of the students even at 9 are brighter than those who lead and teach. They know what is going on in the schools. They know when something is ridiculously wrong. More parents need to listen to their kids, they know when a teacher is not teaching, giving special treatment or when they dislike and target a kid. At the elementary level the teachers start acting like kids themselves. They have the need to get back at a kid if a kid or their parent made a complaint.


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