VIDEO: Local Hockey Player Makes National Highlight Reel

Junior Titan goal scorer's celebration makes news

For most athletes the dream of making it on SportsCenter is one very few will accomplish. 

This weekend Junior Titan Taylor Cox got to see that dream come true, though likely not in a way he could ever have imagined. According to a story on Yahoo a goal Cox scored against the New Jersey Rockets of the American Junior Hockey League helped to land him on the national sports scene.

Skating to the left of the goal at the Howell Ice World, Cox celebrated putting the puck into the net by leaping into the boards. What he never could have expected was the glass at the arena giving way as he flew through to the floor.

Proving the old adage of hockey players being tough Cox can be seen bouncing right back up on his skates and walking back to his bench after hitting the arena floor.

The video made its way all the way to Bristol, CT and landed the Pittsburgh native a spot on the popular sports show on Saturday.  


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