"Battle of the Restaurants" to Take Place at Olde Freehold Day

Local restaurants will battle it out for the “Chef’s Trophy” at Olde Freehold Day.

Several Freehold eateries will be competing head-to-head this weekend in the Battle of Restaurants.

The “battle” is scheduled for the early afternoon during Olde Freehold Day. Participating restaurants include the, , , and . Mike Federici has also challenged a few other restaurants, meaning as many as eight teams could be competing in this restaurant-themed challenge. The winning team will receive the coveted “Chef’s Trophy” to proudly display in their establishment and exclusive bragging rights until next year.

One of the most popular stunts involved in this “battle” includes pie tins and shaving cream. Considered a difficult stunt, it lends itself to the family fun day as participants are generally covered in shaving cream. Other stunts for this event are being kept top-secret so teams cannot practice before the big day.

More information about Olde Freehold Day can be seen by clicking here.


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