TELL US: What is Your Favorite Beach Read?

Share the book will you be tossing in your beach bag this summer in the comments section.

With the sunny weather and warm breezes, there is no denying that summer is definitely here! And summer vacation in New Jersey means throwing on your flip flops, slapping on your shades and heading down the shore to unwind on the sand.

When people aren't baking in the sun with tunes blasting through their headphones, or swimming in the cool Atlantic, they can be seen sitting and enjoying a book or magazine.

So, what do you read on the beach? Do you take your free time to peruse through tabloid magazines and catch up on celebrity gossip? Do you lose yourself in the intensity and suspense of a mystery thriller? Do you try to make your way through every book that is on the New York Times Bestsellers list? Do you read biographies or autobiographies of your favorite well-known public figures? Do you try to take the time to feel more cultured and dive into classic literature that you've never read before? Or, do you have one special go-to book that you can never get enough of?

Tell us in the comments! What is your favorite beach read?

(Also, do you go the old-fashioned way and bring an actual book or magazine to the beach, or do you now read on a tablet?)

Shannon K. Winning June 20, 2012 at 02:20 PM
I read the old fashioned way, for now anyway. I'm reading Mary Karr's Liar's Club right now. My daughter and I have a contest, whoever reads more books by July 20 gets a treat purchased by the loser. Either way, I'm the winner because she is now excited about her summer reading.


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