Freehold Alliance to Prevent Substance Abuse
The Freehold Municipal Alliance, established in 1990, exists to meet the need for comprehensive, coordinated substance abuse awareness planning and programming for the residents of Freehold Township and Freehold Borough.  The Alliance is a network of community leaders, private citizens and representatives from public and private human service agencies.  Members are charged with conducting needs assessments, producing annual prevention plans and advocating for enhanced prevention services based on community needs and priorities.  Goals: 1) Reduce community acceptance of alcohol abuse and the illegal use of drugs including prescription and over-the-counter medications; 2) Prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs by adolescents; 3) Decrease teen vandalism and number of criminal malicious incidents; 4) Reduce adolescent anti-social behavior; 5) Heighten community awareness of current trends in the abuse of substances; and 6) Promote legislation to control the availability of illegal substances.
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