Charlie, my friend, you left us when we all still thought Bid Rig I would rightly expand into Ocean County. Although we were correct in the direction of the flow, the results took a few twists and turns we had not foreseen in our crystal ball at the time. Regardless, I am sure you got a kick out of the action and the only possible result. It was always a game of when, not if. I now know you will rest in peace. Thanks for the memories. We sure had a lot of fun making them. Mac 1-11-14 P.S. Oh yeah Charlie. In tribute to the leadership of the foremost NJ roadway sex club sponsorship that provided us with such an enlightening special front seat ride and who gave me 18,000 reasons to hang around here longer than I would have preferred, a federal prison will soon be constructed in the area to honor the 200 years of Ocean County GOP leadership. Ya gotta luv it when a plan comes together, especially when it comes together thanks to the courtesy of the original sponsor. I could not have done this without the dedication of the celebrated Jimmy poo bimbos and I cannot thank them enough for their careers of service. Mac 2-6-2014
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