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Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I have lived in the Freehold/Howell area for almost 20 years.  I am the mother of a bright and beautiful daughter who is a Freshman in college, and has given me her support, and permission to write about my observations, and experiences as the mother of a college student, and this part of her life's journey.  Yes, she is brave - lol!
I enjoy listening to, and sharing life experiences.  From my point of view, just about every day is a story to record in the book of our lives.  I am fortunate to have many wonderful girlfriends, and enjoy the comradarie we all share, and am blessed with a funny, supportive, and very close family who has the ability to deal with everything, the good and the bad, with a sense of humor and smile. I hope the observations, and moments in my life that I write about make you laugh, or cry, or nod your head in agreement as a shared experience with me.  And, I WELCOME your experiences, and stories!   
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